Tamkeen Project

Donor: Egyptian-Italian debt swap program.

Project Duration: from March 2015 to June 2017.

Project areas: Three villages in Fayoum Governorate, namely: (Al-Adwa - Abu Al-Saud - Al-Amiriya)

The objective of the project: Empowering women and their families, especially the household women in the Adwa region in terms of economic, social, legal and educational terms.

Project programs: Girls' Dreams Program, Arab Women speak out Program, Literacy Program, Community Mobilization Program, Micro-credit Program, Legal awareness Program, and Media.

Project Achievements: The total number of beneficiaries directly from the Tamkeen project reached 3222 beneficiaries, and indirectly 16110 beneficiaries , and the proportion of the beneficiaries of the Tamkeen project programs for the total population of the three villages reached 27%.

3222 beneficiaries and beneficiaries received 7,551 different services from different project programs.