Yasmine Khaled

"In "Girls' Dreams", I have had an opinion now, I make my decision and I knew my rights and duties"

My name is Yasmin Khaled Hanafi,19 years old, I have3 brothers and a sister;they are in different educational stages. I attended school until the fifth grade when I was sick and I underwent a surgery, and because my parents were afraid that I got tired and fatigue; they decided that I quit school. I didn't understand that back then, I got excited that I am leaving school and I left spending my life at home.

I was spending my day between housework and taking care of my younger siblings.Days,months and years went on, and I started to feel bored from sitting at home. In a while, I felt that my brain has stopped, and I wanted to learn something new that would benefit me in my future, something that helps me how to raise my children and do ideal with them.

When I was sitting with my friends, they advised me to go with them the girls' dream classes that are held in our district by The Association for the Advancement and Development of Women. I knew from them that in these classes: girls were learning many things that would benefit them in their future,so I thought I would go with them.

I started to attend classes with them, and in this period,I learned many things: including that I don’t have to be shy when I am talking to my family or strangers. Before this, I did not open conversations with my family or discuss with them anything because I was shy, but when I left the classes I didn’t get embarrassed as before my confidence has increased about myself, my personality and my appearance.

I also learned how to take care of myself and my hygiene which no one has alerted me to its importance to us especially as girls, I also learned about the etiquette and what to wear and choose the colors suitable for me. Additionally, I knew how to deal with children and how is that different from dealing with elder people, I felt that this lesson would help me very much in dealing with my children in the future when I get married.

I also learned how to make the right decision for me, and how to advise those around me so that my friends have taken my opinion on their problems. I also stopped being nervous in discussions, I listen well and then I say my opinion.

My personality has changed a lot after finishing girls' dreams classes, I knew my rights and duties, and that I should have confidence in myself and my opinion. My parents have noted that difference in my dealings with them at home and in their discussions .Also, with my fiancé despite in the beginning of our engagement he was planning alone for our house,now I started to plan with him and think about the future of our children.

I dream of learning more and teaching my children what I couldn’t learn to grow better than me. I advise all the girls to complete their education because this is their rights and it is important not just for her but for their children too in the future.