Bashayer for a Better Future project

A project implemented by the Association for the development and enhancement of woman in partnership with the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Development Agency to support women and empower them economically.

Objective of the project: Empowering 800 women economically in the slums areas, Dar EL- Salaam, Manshiet Nasser and the surrounding areas, which reach more than 15 marginalized areas.

Project areas: Three villages in Fayoum Governorate, namely: (Al-Adwa - Abu Al-Saud - Al-Amiriya)

Granting micro-loans, and loan segments start from 2,500 pounds to 10,000 pounds

Duration of the project: 5 years from April 2018 and will last until April 2023.

Project Achievements: The total number of beneficiaries directly from the Tamkeen project reached 3222 beneficiaries, and indirectly 16110 beneficiaries , and the proportion of the beneficiaries of the Tamkeen project programs for the total population of the three villages reached 27%.

Target group criteria:

Women who do not work and wish to set up their profitable SMEs, provided that they are:

• The beneficiary is a FHHs or participates in the dependency.
• Her family has limited income.
• She has a project and wants to expand it.
• The aim is to improve their economic level and provideappropriate income, by granting them micro-loans.