"Due to “girls’ dreams”, my personality became better and I was able to control my anger and to have a dream that being a TV presenter"

My name is Dina Saad Ahmed. I am 13 years old and in the 2nd preparatory grade. I have a big family. Also I have nine brothers , one of them is in the 1st preparatory grade while the other is in the 4th primary grade.My father works as a driver and gets his living day per day. Because of hard economic conditions such as increasing in prices, I thought of leaving education but I changed my mind as I love education because of our hard living conditions and my inability to do anything regarding it in order to help my father.

One day, my female friend was visiting me. When she saw that I’m sad and annoyed, she asked me to go with her to “girls’ dreams” class that is provided by “ADEW’ “Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women”. She also told me that her class provides many trainings that will enable us to overcome many problems facing us, communicate with others, to have dreams and to achieve them. So, I told her that it is ok for me to have this class with her. After that, I had this class with my friend and class was attractive and amazing for me. So, I decided to attend all the days of this project to gain the maximum knowledge and skills of this class that formal education provide me with and to apply this knowledge and skills in my life and with my family, neighbors, and friends.

At the beginning of this class, I was less-confident and unable to take decisions and my relationship with my friends was weak as I can communicate well with them. But after self-confidence, decisions making, communication with others, and making relationship sessions, I became self-confidence, able to decide when to talk and when to listen. Also I was able to make decisions, choose my friends, making good friendship. I was also learned how to avoid getting sad easily. When I applied what I learned, my relationship with friendship got better and I was able to make a friendship with classmates. Before these sessions, I was having a dream to be a TV presenter but I decided to give up this dream because people was making fun of me because of it. Fortunately, after these sessions my self-confidence increased and I had enough braveness to tell everyone about my dream as I was taught that everyone, including me, should have a dream and works hard to achieve them.