Arab Women Speak Out Program

Women in poor districts usually face problems in expressing themselves because of the troubles imposed on them by the society. AWSO started in 2000 aimed at empowering women and support them in contributing to the social development of their communities by expressing themselves and training them on how to negotiate with their family members to maintain coherent family ties. AWSO also helps women to become the decision makers for themselves and their families.

As women in squatter areas are of the most marginalized groups especially in communities where women are discriminatively excluded.,our field workers hold daily discussions with those women who feel unable to resist anymore. These discussions aim at a better understanding of those women’s suffering and providing them with a scientific curriculum of AWSO program that focuses on 8 basic pillars:

-Understanding changing social roles
-Self appreciation and self confidence
-Decision making methods
-Negotiation skills
-Social networks and social support
-Participating in public life
-Maintain women’s health
-A film showing success stories of women who experience the same conditions

The curriculum has been taught through opening classrooms (20 beneficiaries per 1 classroom) to women in the same districts in which they live to guarantee their sustainable attendance.

The number of beneficiaries from the AWSO program has reached 50000 individuals