Micro-credit Program

Micro-credit Program This program provides FHHs with micro-loans ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 LE to start up their profitable SMEs. This model centers on the concept of “peer lending” instead of “traditional notions of collateral”.Credit groups of five women guarantee each other’s loans – freeing women from the need for a guarantee or a male guarantor. The clients pay back the loans in 6 to 18 months depending on the project’s size.

ADEW doesn’t just provide micro-credit loans, but an integrated set of trainings to the MCP’ clients as well. These trainings (feasibility study, financial trainings, communication skills, project management) help them to acquire the needed skills to manage their projects).

The MCP has achieved outstanding success throughout ADEW’s operational years with loans repayment at 99%. The MCP has contributed to thousands of FHHs’ lives and the live of their families, by helping them to establish new SMEs and expand their economic projects, thereby contributing to the alleviation of poverty, considered one of the most serious problems faced by the squatter areas’ dwellers. The MCP works on: - Raising women’s awareness - Acting as a support mechanism to improve their economic conditions - Mitigating their feeling of isolation - Developing a feminist solidarity.

As women in the squatter areas need more than financial loans, ADEW has provided a bundle of programs that aim to target the economic, social, legal, health, cultural and educational aspects of women’s empowerment. Amongst ADEW’s programs are a literacy program, an awareness program, a health program, the Arab Women Speak Out program (AWSO) and a legal Pprogram. Through ADEW’s 33 years of experience, MCP’s beneficiaries reach more than 500,000 beneficiaries. With 33 years of experience, ADEW’s MCP beneficiaries have reach over 500,000 individuals.