Girls' Dreams Program

This program targets female dropouts from 12 to 18 years of age., As many girls in working areas are pushed out of schools to help their families or to get married, ADEW has targeted the little girls who are deprived from education and has worked on reshaping their interests and empowering them to fit in with their communities and changing their low self-esteem.

The GD Program was started in 1997 believing in girls’ rights to dream, express themselves and have the ability to make a choice. We seek through GD to teach girls how to dream and enjoy their lives through a set of activities including: self confidence, health awareness, visiting libraries, drawing, sports and handicrafts to enable them to start up their SMEs.

The program has been introduced via opening class rooms, with 20 girls per class. The place is rented in the same streets where the girls live to guarantee the sustainability of the program and the graduation of the girls. The program is not only to teach girls useful skills but also to help them solve their problems. The girls narrate their problems while the program offers them a healthy environment to speak out and express their problems. The program also offers health awareness sessions and discussions about early marriage and FGM/C. In parallel to the GD’s syllabus, the program works on equipping the girls with many skills like playing music, singing ,drawing and handicrafts like needlework, jewelery that help girls to create their profitable small projects.

ADEW has reached 25000 girls since the program started.