Community Mobilization Program

This program adopts an approach called “development starts from the base” that has offered its set of services through ADEW since 1997.The program was started after engaging with the society and figuring out the problems unique to the community’s citizens.

ADEW engaged the squatter areas’ citizens to introduce their problems, express them to the executive parties (government-district president-governorate) and engage them in finding solutions. Thus, the CMP targets groups of individuals in the squatter areas (female/males) who have natural leadership skills and train them on additional leadership skills, identifying the community’s problems, and ways in which to propose them to government official to help solve them.

The main goal of this program is exploring and forming calibers to be the link between ADEW, the community and the officials. Those calibers are the backbone of the sustainable development process in our target areas. CMP works on introducing democratic principles and how to practice democracy through the electoral process .A natural leader is elected by the community citizens to represent them. CMP characteristics

1- Contributing to reducing the gap between marginalized citizens and the decision makers
2- Emphasizing the principals of citizenship to the citizens who feel a sense of disempowerment, and lack ownership or connection to the state by empowering them to have a tangible and effective role in determining the priorities of the decision makers in their areas.
3- Creating social role models who positively affect their communities and become role models for others.
4- Changing the stereotypical perspective of women through engaging men and women in one mission to develop their own community
5- Emphasizing the values of respecting women, her work and her mentality and believing in her role in having a real influence in her community.

The number of natural leaders, who ADEW has reached out to them, is 10000 female and male natural leader.