Literacy Program

Many women in marginalized areas are illiterate which adds another burden to women in general and noticeably increases the illiteracy rates in the marginalized squatter areas. Since the parents prefer enrolling males at schools to females because of the lack of a proper understanding of Islam, many families refuse to allow their daughters to go to school.

This program is a response to the beneficiaries’ needs, specifically when they asked ADEW to organize literacy sessions as they are unable to go out alone, as they cannot read streets names or metro stations names or even follow up on their children’s studies, something they consider a significant barrier to practicing a normal life.

ADEW has decided since 1996 to kick off AWSO program reaching 8000 women till now. AWSO’ syllabus follows the governmental literacy syllabuses .ADEW offers the beneficiaries certificates and a learning environment through offering a set of activities as follows:

- Our teachers have innovative teaching methods inspired from the areas where the beneficiaries live so, they are completely aware of the problems facing those women.

- The classrooms are in the same streets where those women live

- The classrooms offer a health environment for women to express their problems and learn about ADEW’s other services.

The number of beneficiaries has reached 20000