The Individual Loans Program

This program was started in collaboration with the Social Fund for Development in July 2006 as a response to the MCP beneficiaries expressing a need for loans for their sons and daughters to help them sustain their SMEs. ADEW offers the Individual Loans Program out of a belief that women’s empowerment will not be comprehensive without the empowerment of their entire families.

The individual loans are offered to husbands and sons of beneficiaries women of age (21-50)years , and female household if she have an existing project already "booth- Workshop".

The Individual Loans Program has a different criteria set than the MCP as beneficiaries must already have her own project and a guarantor.

The project idea is based on dividing the loans into different segments ,the first segment starts with 1000 LE and the second and third segments reach 15000 LE. The logic behind dividing the loans is to help youth start up their SMEs with the first 1000 LE loan then to motivate them by offering the second and third segments of the loans. The number of beneficiaries has reached a total of 9000.