Madrasati documentary

The "Madrasati" project is a model of partnership between the private sector represented by the Association for the Advancement and Development of Women and the Private Sector represented by Helwan Cement Company, and the "Madrasati" project works to improve the educational environment through the development and maintenance of the infrastructure of a school, which falls within the scope of a comprehensive maintenance work ( Classroom floors, walls, electrical connections, windows ... etc). Indeed, the development of Kafr El Elo Primary School was opened last September.

The project also included granting scholarships to 500 students, in addition to providing 500 school uniforms and school bags. The association also participates in the school’s Board of Trustees, in order to activate the role of the boards of trustees in identifying problems and discussing ways to confront and solve them, whether they are for the school, teachers or students, in addition to organizing two medical convoys to provide medical and therapeutic services to the targeted groups in the region and dispense free medicines.