Madrasati 2 Project

Donor name : Helwan Cement and Tora Portland Cement, which are affiliated to Suez Cement Group

Project Duration: The project was implemented from November 2015 to April 2017.

Project areas: Kafr El-Alou and Tora, Helwan regions.

Target: To create a safe learning environment for students that motivates them to continue in education, by developing the infrastructure of two schools: the first is Tora Cement Primary Primary School (which is at the same time Naguib Mahfouz Preparatory School for Boys an evening period), and the second is Kafr El-Alou Cement Primary School Joint, by involving all target parties in the development process.

Project achievements:

He worked on developing a comprehensive infrastructure for the two schools, Tora Al-Cement Primary Primary School (which is at the same time Naguib Mahfouz Preparatory School for Boys in the evening period), and the second was Kafr El-Alou Cement Primary School.

Organizing a number of student camps to connect students to the school and deepen their sense of belonging to and maintaining it.

Two committees were formed, one at the district level and one at the governorate level in order to implement procedures for implementing a profitable project for each school. The project aims to cover the costs of school maintenance to maintain development work after the end of the project in order to achieve sustainability.

The formation of the maintenance committee, which is a specialized committee to follow up the development work that takes place in the two schools since the first day. The committee members were also trained on how to maintain development work and the possibility of continuous and periodic maintenance work continuously for the school after the project ends, in order to achieve the principle of sustainability and continuity in maintaining the development work Done.