Girls' Education Project

The name of the funder: Star Care Corporation.

Project duration: from June 2016 to August 2017

Project areas: Dar Al Salam and Manshiyat Nasser

Project goal: empowering and educating girls by providing a variety of services that achieve sustainability and continuity.

Project achievements:

10 chapters of the Girls' Dreams program were opened with a total of 151 girls (5 classes in Izbat Khairallah, Ancient Egypt - 5 classes in Dar es Salaam).

Organizing 10 recreational trips for 140 girls for a number of places such as (Fayed, Wonderland International Park, Safari Park).

Providing professional training on handicrafts (accessories - mattresses) for 8 semesters of the Girls' Dreams program.

Worked a professional training in the hairdressing profession for 30 girls from the dreams of girls’s classes at the request of the girls themselves and based on their need for what they can use this training to do a project of their own in this profession.