كن على اتصال بنا

- The first feminist organization that offers a micro-credit model centered on the concept of “peer-lending” instead of the traditional notions of collateral. Throughout ADEW's 28 years, the number of beneficiaries has reached more than 30,000 women.

- The first association to recognize the lack of women’s legal representation and their lack of official papers. Consequently, ADEW has worked on developing legal services that issue official documents (identity cards, birth certificates, etc.)

- The first association to establish a shelter for abused women in Egypt and their children: "Beit Hawa". Here they are provided with a set of health- and psychological- services.

-The first association to propose a comprehensive bundle of educational programs with the purpose of empowering women from educational, cultural, social and political perspectives. Our Education Program includes the Literacy Program, Girls’ Dreams Program and Scholarships Program.

- ADEW has been a trailblazer in its adoption of marginalized groups’ issues particularly those of the FHHs. Many of the issues related to women adopted by ADEW have highly resonated with the general public, such as having the challenges faced by FHHs prioritized on the state’s agenda.

- One of ADEW’s top achievements has been its outstanding success in amending the 2013 Constitutional Draft that was being rewritten by a Ten-Man Expert Committee, managing to add more than 20 pro-feminist articles.

- ADEW also took part in changing the Nationality Law in a 10-year campaign alongside several governmental and non-governmental organizations, which culminated in its amendment - now allowing the passing on of Egyptian women's nationality to their children if they are married to a foreigner.

- ADEW launched a huge campaign to preserve women and children's personal status laws after tireless efforts by some parties to have them abolished.
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