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Structure of ADEW
ADEW is managed by 10 board members, who are all volunteers and are elected by ADEW’s 11 co-founders. The board meets on a monthly basis, where issued decisions require the board’s majority consensus.
The chairwoman/man is elected through the board member meetings which are supervised and financially reviewed by the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS). The Board Members are:

Board of Directors

Dr. Iman Bibars Chairperson
Dr. Somaya Ibrahim Deputy of the Chairperson
Dr. Maged Helmi Treasury
Mrs. Tawfika Tawfik Secretary
Mrs. Nadia Kamel Garas Member
Mrs. Iman Mohamed Osama Member
Mr. Emad Aziz Member
Mrs. Magda Zaki Member
Mrs. Marline Kanawaty Member
Mrs. Nahed Al Menshawey Member


programs managers

Ms. Engy Samir Deputy manager of Media Administration
Ms. Engy Naguib - director of education sector
Mr. Khaled El Gazzar-director of Community Mobilization Program
loans program
Ms. Naglaa Abd al Raouf - Deputy Director of the loan program for micro-credit program
Ms. Rania fouad- Deputy Director of the loan program for The Individual Loans Program

projects managers

Ms. Reham Moghazy - project manager (Tamken)- Fayoum branch
Mr. Khaled El Gazzar- Madrasti 2 project director
Ms. Rasha Raslan Training Unit Manager
Mr. Yasser Badwey financial administration manager
Mr. Hany Elnimr IT Unit Manager
Mr. Mohamed El Sayed Administrative Officer
Mr. Moustafa Ibrahim HR Officer

Branch managers:
Ms. Rania Fouad- director of Gameaa Amr Branch
Ms. Engy Naguib - director of El Malek El Saleh Branch
Ms. Badrea Mohamed - director of El Gayarah Branch
Ms. Abeer Mubarak - director of El Manshea Branch
Mr. Bakry Mohamed Moawwad - of director El Fayoum Branch

A- Training Administration:
ADEW believes in the importance of ongoing training in raising the efficiency and skills of the staff in order to achieve a better level of services to beneficiaries. ADEW organized many activities that have increased awareness in the past of the field staff and administrators on the issues affecting women, gender, democracy and development, in addition to continuing training on computer applications. ADEW's training unit is one of the most efficient units providing training on women's issues and development. The unit also provides training for other NGOs working in the same field in order to activate the role of NGOs in community service.
Training was conducted on:
Gender issues and qualitative analysis and planning; Convention on the rights of children and the activity of the participation of children; Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW); Negotiation skills and problem solving; Planning and evaluation; Community research methods and identifying community needs; Lending systems and micro credit projects; Communications skills and teamwork; Proposal writing;
Legal training on the most important laws concerning private associations and personal status law;

B. Donor Administration :
The Donor Unit is responsible for fund raising, the development of projects, the representation of ADEW in seminars and conferences abroad. The Donor Unit also coordinates activities between donors and beneficiaries as well as produces reports on the achievements of the implemented activities agreed upon with the donors. C. Monitoring and Evaluation Administration :
The M & E Unit started a database documenting all activities, projects, and programs, which has facilitated the process of finding statistics on the achievements of ADEW's programs in an organized manner. It also allows for periodical follow-up and analysis of ADEW's work to find weaknesses and shortcomings to address. This will help to raise work efficiency and to improve the quality of services provided by ADEW in the future.

D. IT Administration

F. Financial Administration

G. Human Resources Administration
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